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About My Puppy Paws® Holiday Hand Towels

I thought you should know that my Puppy Paws® Holiday Hand Towels are a wonderful joint effort w/my friend Gerry Deane from Dog House Quilts (

We met at a dog show (go figure) & became fast friends.

If you & I've met then you know I'm always trying to come up w/new ways to "spread the joy of the paw". In this case, I asked Gerry if she could make hand towels w/my paw & a joint venture was born.

All of Puppy Paws® Holiday Hand Towels are made by & sent to you by Gerry whose hand-made quilts & show ribbon products are outstanding! If you stop by her website you'll see what I mean about outstanding . . . .

Enjoy your Puppy Paws® Holiday Hand Towels.

Cheers, Pamela

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Pamela Meltzer

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