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Wherever I go I run into people from Western NY where I grew up. My love for that area, my family & friends has never wavered so when I meet a fellow someone from that area there’s usually an instant bond.

Recently, I was in Lakeland, FL for an AKC Cluster Dog Show. One morning as I was opening my booth (7:00amish – I’m the early bird & all) a guy stopped to look over my stuff. My booth was the only one open so he didn’t have much of a choice.

Anyway, he was originally from East Aurora, a small community just outside of Buffalo, where I spent lots of time during my high school & college days.

I told him that I’d actually had crush on a guy from East Aurora when I was in college.

He asked, “who?”

I said, “his last name was Palmer.”

He said, “his last name was Palmer?”

I said, “Yes? His name was Peter Palmer.”

Of course, he was thee “Peter Palmer” . . .  Small world. 

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Pamela Meltzer

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